Meal Plan

I had the honor of spending a couple years as a House Spouse! Not an easy job. But one of the most annoying and frustrating part of the experience occurred right around 2:30 PM. Trying to decide what’s for dinner. I had to ensure it was healthy and had enough nutrients to suit the taste of 5. One is a picky eater with texture issues another was a toddler. After months of this, I came up with this solution that has served us well. Each night has a theme, can you guess what they are?


Once a week we will feature a cooking video with one of our favorite meals. Stay tuned!

New Year New Site

Friends and Family,

There is much change that I want to see in my and other communities.  Some things seem to be easy fixes,  if only those best positioned took the  initiative to work on them

Unfortunately, it is hard to convince people of a vision they cannot see. So instead of living in constant frustration, I reluctantly decided to try to lead by example. 

I say reluctantly because I loathe the spotlight.  I would rather serve and ask for help in a private setting. However, I found that the use of technology and social media can multiply/magnify the work that can be done. 

Please bare with me as I am learning all of this on the fly (web design, social media, etc). I have never been the best at correcting grammar or posing for the camera, etc.   But I am doing this as I have done many things, “For the Culture”.  

Check out the Home and About sections to see what we are all about. If you see something in the Do_it_now section that may be of interest to you please use the contact link to leave your information. I will find the help you need. Some links are still not active and will be updated soon. As the site is a work in progress, please comment also to let me know what you think and what you will like to see.

I’m looking forward to you coming along for the ride.  Check out our Daily Workout Post.

Daily Workout January

I was injured back in December 2014, which resulted in me being in a bad place physically. My weight Skyrocketed to 255 lbs and I had pain everywhere.  In 2016, I used Tai Chi and Acupuncture to help with the pain. I was introduced to intermittent fasting in 2018 which help with weight management. Due to injury and time constraint and trying not to aggravate the injury, I have not been able to return to 2014 workout levels. But during the tail-end of last year, I decided to get off the couch and get my butt back in gear. So I looked on youtube and found a channel that was useful and motivational at the same time. I think we should start off this year with Bully Juice 10 and 5 minute no equipment workouts.


Jan 1: 5 Minute chest Workout (optional 5 minute bed)

Jan 2: 10 Minute Leg Workout 

Jan 3: 5 Minute back Workout

Jan 4: 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Jan 5: 5 Minute arm Workout

Jan 6: 5 Minute shoulder Workout

Jan 7: 10 Minute V-Cut ABS Workout


Week two

Jan 8: 10 Minute chest Workout

Jan 9: 10 Minute FatBurning Workout

Jan 10: 10 Minute back fat Workout

Jan 11: 10 Minute leg Workout

Jan 12: 10 Minute  arm Workout

Jan 13: 10 Minute  shoulder Workout

Jan 14: 10 Minute  love handle Workout


Week three

Jan 15: 10 Minute morning Workout

Jan 16: 5 Minute chest & 5 Minute back Workout

Jan 17: 10 Minute leg & 5 Minute shoulder Workout

Jan 18: 10 Minute arms & 10 Minute lower Abs Workout

Jan 19: 10 Minute jumping jacks Workout

Jan 20: 10 Minute FatBurning Workout  

Jan 21: 5 Minute chest & 5 Minute arms Workout


Week four:

Jan 22: 10 Minute back & 10 Minute hitt 2 Workout

Jan 23: 10 Minute leg & 10 Minute shoulder Workout

Jan 24: 10 Minute chest & 10 Minute 6 pack abs Workout

Jan 25: 10 Minute burpees & 5 Minute bedtime Workout

Jan 26: 10 Minute  love handles & 10 Minute hitt Workout

Jan 27: 10 Minute chest & 10 Minute leg Workout

Jan 28: 10 Minute back & 10 Minute hitt Workout

Jan 29: 10 Minute shoulders & 10 Minute jump rope Workout

Jan 30: 10 Minute arms & 10 Minute lower abs Workout