Structuring multiple companies : LLC’s

Meal Plan


I had the honor of spending a couple years as a House Spouse! Not an easy job. But one of the most annoying and frustrating part of the experience occurred right around 2:30 PM. Trying to decide what’s for dinner. I had to ensure it was healthy and had enough nutrients to suit the taste […]

New Year New Site


Friends and Family, There is much change that I want to see in my and other communities.  Some things seem to be easy fixes,  if only those best positioned took the  initiative to work on them Unfortunately, it is hard to convince people of a vision they cannot see. So instead of living in constant […]

Daily Workout January


I was injured back in December 2014, which resulted in me being in a bad place physically. My weight Skyrocketed to 255 lbs and I had pain everywhere.  In 2016, I used Tai Chi and Acupuncture to help with the pain. I was introduced to intermittent fasting in 2018 which help with weight management. Due […]