About US

The Mission

Pool talents and resources to provide opportunities and experiences for all.

There are a lot of resources being wasted in our neighborhoods. Whether it is time, money, talent, experience,  some people have an abundance while many others are in need. There was no easy way to connect the two groups. 4THEC seeks to be the platform to fluidly connect the two for mutually beneficial purposes.


I am a Friend, Son, Student, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Pilot, Globe-trekker, Spouse, Father, Veteran whose motivation is strictly 4TheCulture!

My biggest dream is to see the culture flourish. After leaving the military, I returned to the community, dedicating 2 years to serving the under-served. In that attempt, I noticed there were a lot of challenges for myself and my neighbors in getting and providing services that others took for granted. Many changes are necessary, but we are taking it one step at a time to a better world for all. 

Guiding Principles

10 Reasons for the Culture

  1. As a military veteran experiencing moving every 3-5 years I know the benefit of having a local with local know-how that you can trust to help you find your way.
  2. I moved to a working class neighborhood and my blood boils every time I see my hardworking neighbors get ripped off or taken advantage of. For example: I needed brakes and rotors for my truck.  I randomly stopped in at the Military Base and got a quote (<$700), then I stopped by a small car shop (~$700). I went to the big dealer in town, who estimated the lowest they can charge me is $1700+.  Of course, I will not pay that… But the people in the apartments next door must, because they aren’t aware of their other choices.. They believe this is the best option in town… and because they can’t afford to be wrong, they are unknowingly fleeced. I want to help give them choices.
  3. When I asked for recommendations on businesses or services, it is rare to find one… And when I do find one, I would love to be able to share them with others in need. 
  4. I travel a lot.  It hurts me to go places that others think are impossible.  I want to be able to get more people out to places they’ve dreamed about.
  5. I grew up with a lot of great kids.  But few knew how to bridge the gap from where we were to where we wanted to be. Because, not many of us who became “successful” stayed around or ever moved back.  I’ve realized that what most people in neighborhoods like mine really need is a friend or family member with experience that they can trust. I need it all the time. I know others do too. 
  6. I’ve been on both sides… Being the one Brown Face out of 100 and on the other hand being the new and inexperienced guy who see’s that one face in the group, that give me the confidence to know that I can carry on! My hopes is to have more than one in the group and I am working towards that. 
  7. I believe in America and American’s.  I know where I come from and I understand that perspective.  But I also understand others may come from different experiences and that affects thier vantage points.  We are all at a disservice when we choose not to understand each other. I hope with my abilities, I can help to bridge the gap. 
  8.  You
  9. The people we care about
  10. Everyday brings new challenges we need each other to face them.