What’s up with K and the Fam


We are updating our weekly/ monthly calendar. In this iteration each child is taking a greater role in the daily household requirements. Thinking about adding more music on the weekend. I hope to share


Beyonce’s Black Is King initial viewing was well worth the time. Still too much to unpack. Hope I get the chance to check it out again.

https://youtu.be/AbWC5p5WqPU this is our first video for August, I plan to continue with her for the rest of the month. We will be doing this series with the family most mornings before breakfast.


https://youtu.be/5micdqGpptU i’ve fallen off on my fitness. Also spent the past week+ eating my brother’s great cooking. So as a warm up to getting back on track for the month of August this video was recommended to me. I liked it so much that I’ve done it for the past 3 days. I’ll start something new tomorrow, but wanted to share this before I move on.