Daily Workout January


I was injured back in December 2014, which resulted in me being in a bad place physically. My weight Skyrocketed to 255 lbs and I had pain everywhere.  In 2016, I used Tai Chi and Acupuncture to help with the pain. I was introduced to intermittent fasting in 2018 which help with weight management. Due to injury and time constraint and trying not to aggravate the injury, I have not been able to return to 2014 workout levels. But during the tail-end of last year, I decided to get off the couch and get my butt back in gear. So I looked on youtube and found a channel that was useful and motivational at the same time. I think we should start off this year with Bully Juice 10 and 5 minute no equipment workouts.


Jan 1: 5 Minute chest Workout (optional 5 minute bed)

Jan 2: 10 Minute Leg Workout 

Jan 3: 5 Minute back Workout

Jan 4: 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Jan 5: 5 Minute arm Workout

Jan 6: 5 Minute shoulder Workout

Jan 7: 10 Minute V-Cut ABS Workout


Week two

Jan 8: 10 Minute chest Workout

Jan 9: 10 Minute FatBurning Workout

Jan 10: 10 Minute back fat Workout

Jan 11: 10 Minute leg Workout

Jan 12: 10 Minute  arm Workout

Jan 13: 10 Minute  shoulder Workout

Jan 14: 10 Minute  love handle Workout


Week three

Jan 15: 10 Minute morning Workout

Jan 16: 5 Minute chest & 5 Minute back Workout

Jan 17: 10 Minute leg & 5 Minute shoulder Workout

Jan 18: 10 Minute arms & 10 Minute lower Abs Workout

Jan 19: 10 Minute jumping jacks Workout

Jan 20: 10 Minute FatBurning Workout  

Jan 21: 5 Minute chest & 5 Minute arms Workout


Week four:

Jan 22: 10 Minute back & 10 Minute hitt 2 Workout

Jan 23: 10 Minute leg & 10 Minute shoulder Workout

Jan 24: 10 Minute chest & 10 Minute 6 pack abs Workout

Jan 25: 10 Minute burpees & 5 Minute bedtime Workout

Jan 26: 10 Minute  love handles & 10 Minute hitt Workout

Jan 27: 10 Minute chest & 10 Minute leg Workout

Jan 28: 10 Minute back & 10 Minute hitt Workout

Jan 29: 10 Minute shoulders & 10 Minute jump rope Workout

Jan 30: 10 Minute arms & 10 Minute lower abs Workout

11 thoughts on “Daily Workout January”

  1. CultureK says:

    Started a road trip 15 days ago, spent almost a week eating some real good home-cooking at my brother’s house. Ballooned up to 229, because I did nothing but eat. So today I’m getting back on the horse. Started at 225.5 lbs. This quick 5 minute workout was much harder today than when I left. But I was really happy when my son joined me for the last 50 seconds. Day 1 in the books. See you tomorrow.

  2. CultureK says:

    Another one down

  3. Gillian John says:

    Thank you for the workout links. I’ll be following this. I need to loose about 20 lbs.

    1. CultureK says:

      We are in the same boat. I couldn’t lay off the egg nog!

    2. Star Al says:

      That’s great! Good luck on your journey. Try our February 30 Day Yoga! Let us know how you’re doing.

  4. Culturek says:

    still feeling the legs from yesterday

  5. Culturek says:

    I do not recommend the lunge jumps on the leg exercise. Im not there yet. But even the young lady is having a hard time. I just did regular ones.

  6. jeff says:

    Thank you . really helpful

    I’d like you jeff

    1. Star Al says:

      Thank you! Try out our February 30 day Yoga.

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