Health and Fitness

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“I do yoga. I do tai chi. I do a lot to keep my body and my spirit together so I can work.”


— Marianne Faithfull

I had the honor of spending a couple of years as a House Spouse! Not an easy job. But one of the most annoying and frustrating parts of the experience occurred right around 2:30 P.M. when deciding what’s for dinner. I had to ensure it was healthy and had enough nutrients to suit the taste of a family of 5. One is a picky eater with texture issues, and my other was a toddler.  After months of this, I came up with this solution that has served us well.  


Along with meal planning, I focused on my body and fitness.  Incorporating health and fitness into my everyday lifestyle, gave me a better outlook on life.  With our current global pandemic and daily struggle, we can help you build a program that fits your needs and wants.  


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