Premium dynamic childcare available where you need it most.

We are ready to serve.

Washington DC and Surrounding Areas

Sometimes you just need and extra hand. Sometimes you need a night off. A pickup or a drop off! One day or one week, whatever it is we can provide a service for that!

Caribbean Getaways

A true getaway where you can relax at the beach knowing your child/children are cared for. Flexibility to share experiences when appropriate but also having time to explore on you own if you choose. Wake up carefree without. It’s all about having options and we provide with real concierge treatment.

Curated Just for you

When you need a trusted capable person to come along, and no family or friend answer the phone. Choose us. We can travel with you, provide care during non-standard times.


On a trip to NYC for a conference, your child can explore the museums and parks during the day as well a meet up with you for lunch.

On the girls/guys trip no one is worried about missing out on a good time because we childcare taken care of.