Sharing this with hopes it might help someone!

No need to follow all, but take what works for you!

Still chuckle when I think of myself doing yoga

But I do it because of experience and know its essential 

This routine heals my pain and prevent injuries

As a social person, I yearn for others to join me

With all aspects of this club. 

Only reason I do this is because I believe it’s good 4THEC -ulture!

Morning Run

Sunrise Yoga (M/W/F) Full body / Post Run / Short

TaiChi (Su/Tu/Th) Flexibility ExSlow / Quick

Swim/Calisthenics/Playground (if time/location permits)


Current Circuit: 

Body Curls, Monkey Bar Cross, Squats, Pull Ups, Push ups, 

Practice Spanish : Language Transfer

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Morning Tasks


Evening Tasks